Online backup considered answer to data protection

Online backup considered answer to data protection

March 11

Online backup is one of the many uses of cloud computing, allowing businesses and consumers to protect their most important files from disasters and disruptions alike. The solution is so effective because it allows data and applications to be stored off-site and out of harm’s way.

A recent MoneyTalkNews report highlighted the benefits of online backup, including its automation functionality. The cloud includes options that make it possible for companies to perform scheduled backups at certain times.

Although some businesses and industry professionals have said that the cloud is not secure enough to protect information, the news source indicated that online backup keeps data safe with encryption capabilities. An external hard drive, on the other hand, can be stolen and does not offer such safeguards.

Companies and consumers alike can also benefit from online backup’s affordability. The report explained that some external hard drives cost up to or more than $60, which can exceed the yearly cost of some online backup services.

Other backup options may have been around longer than the cloud, but online backup makes it possible for firms and consumers to keep their most important assets safe from disruptions.

Firms should replace aging infrastructure with the cloud
Organizations still using outdated IT systems should strongly consider the benefits of cloud computing. A report by Netmetix Limited indicated that businesses still relying on solutions that are more than five years old are wasting millions of dollars annually.

“The best way for businesses to avoid the escalating costs that traditional IT systems can incur is to transfer to a hybrid cloud environment so that the organization can still manage some resources in-house but have others provided externally, resulting in fewer maintenance costs,” noted Netmetix Business Development Manager Greg Schofield.

The cloud is also a great solution for businesses looking to protect their mission-critical data, according to Netmetix. The company cited research to highlight the importance of data protection. The study found that more than 40 percent of organizations that experience disasters never recover following these dangerous incidents.

Instead of potentially closing their doors for good, companies can keep their data safe with online backup, which is not only affordable, but more flexible than on-site options. Should a disruption take place, employees still have access to this information because cloud-based environments are available through the internet.

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