‘One Size Fits All’ Doesn’t Fit Healthcare Disaster Recovery

‘One Size Fits All’ Doesn’t Fit Healthcare Disaster Recovery

May 14

In the healthcare field, all medical organizations—and their business associates—must abide by ever-changing federal and state regulations. From the largest hospital to the smallest private practice, patient health information must be protected and always accessible by authorized healthcare providers—even during a disaster.

Most small practices can’t afford full hardware redundancy, or the bandwidth required for a good quality offsite backup. That’s why CompuTech City uses StorageCraft in their backup and disaster recovery solutions. It allows them to offer different tiers of managed services to their healthcare clients.

CompuTech City COO Dave Patel says the biggest advantage of StorageCraft is the reliability and flexibility it gives to MSPs. “Very few software products out there do as good of a job as ShadowProtect,” he says. “It makes healthcare requirements easier because of the data retention, backup encryption, and password protection included in the product. All of our healthcare customers are on ShadowProtect.”

For clients who can’t afford offsite backup, CompuTech City offers a “BDR in a box” solution. “It’s a server with a lot of hard drive and memory that functions as both a NAS and a BDR server,” Dave explains. “All backups reside there. We can quickly do a virtual boot out of that BDR server and get the client back to production.” The BDR-in-a-box is fireproof, shockproof and waterproof to comply with data protection requirements.

For premium clients, CompuTech City uses monitoring software in conjunction with ShadowProtect to make sure managed devices are functioning properly. “We’re very proactive,” he says. “We’ve never seen a disaster in the last ten years where an office was completely wiped out.”

Soon Dave plans to offer an option to save to a BDR server and replicate to the cloud. “We have our own SaaS model, close to 75 servers in a co-location facility, with roughly 16TB capacity in our SAN.”

In addition to backup and disaster recovery solutions, CompuTech City provides EHR (electronic health record) hosting and support services, as well as Meaningful Use and HIPAA compliance auditing. “We have a full-time compliance officer on staff, so we can help customers comply with federal regulations,” he says.

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