One more reason to adopt cloud disaster recovery

One more reason to adopt cloud disaster recovery

October 21

With cost, reliability, and flexibility as prime benefits for adopting cloud solutions for computing needs, few businesses need yet another reason to invest in a cloud-based service. However, with the online backup options available for companies today, those additional reasons exist.

Cloud-based data backup software provides businesses with an automated solution for business continuity needs, requiring far less oversight and manual input than on-premise options, like tape. This frees up staff to focus on more mission-critical tasks, and eliminates the risk that certain parts of the backup process, such as testing, aren’t completed on a regular basis.

Additionally, for businesses looking to implement high-quality backup tools, the cloud provides a far more cost-effective solution than tape. When storage capacities are reached for tape, a business needs to buy new set of tapes in order to remain protected. However, with the cloud, storage space can easily expand or contract as needed, keeping costs relatively stable and uptime constant.

Ultimately, a business needs to invest in the server backup solution that best matches its operational needs, but as more companies expand their computing systems and networks, the cloud becomes more viable every day.