Old Hardware an MSP Can Throw Out or Upgrade

Old Hardware an MSP Can Throw Out or Upgrade

November 27

Managed service providers (MSPs) are tasked with keeping hardware fine-tuned and running smoothly. This means that the MSP must prioritize server maintenance. Prioritization of server maintenance is simple when all components are running smoothly, but when hardware fails, the MSP must spend more time fixing the system. The issues can lead to an MSP spending more time on older hardware than newer hardware.


Do you really need to print hardcopies? Some businesses still maintain hardcopy files, but for most businesses, digital imaging has taken over. Digital imaging takes a scanned image of the file and stores it on a hard drive. If you have customers that can move to digital imaging, you can move them from a printer system. Printer systems can be expensive, and they are usually not needed for more advanced companies.

Tape Drives

Tape drives are older solutions for large storage backups. Some MSPs have tape drives, because you can store gigabytes of data and store them in a relatively small storage area. They are also less expensive than traditional solid-state drives or large-capacity hard disk drives. However, tape drives are less efficient than hard drives. It can take hours to find your data if you’re looking for a simple file or folder. As drive space becomes cheaper, the MSP can move data from the tape drive and retire the device.

Old, Small Capacity Hard Drives

Hard disk drives are made up of a head and platters. If any of these components fail, the hard drive crashes. As the hard drive ages, it’s more likely it will fail. When you have multiple small hard drives in use, it can take up much of the space on a server instead of just installing one large drive. It takes time to move small drive storage to a new hard drive, but it will reduce the amount of maintenance needed for several smaller ones.

Old hardware can take up more time in maintenance than it’s worth for just replacing the devices. Consider moving customers to an inexpensive, more advanced solution to reduce maintenance overhead on older hardware.

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