Not all data recovery solutions are the same

Not all data recovery solutions are the same

May 7

According to Continuity Central, there are several myths that need to be dispelled regarding data recovery. However, many of these points can be summed up with one piece of advice: carefully consider the options before choosing a backup and recovery software solution, because not all services are made equal.

Many companies believe that purchasing the least expensive data recovery system available will provide the same level of protection as other higher-end services. Continuity Central was quick to rebuke this misconception, noting that, like with cars, computers, and meals, you get what you pay for.

One of the biggest mistakes a company can make, according to the news source, is to believe that all data service companies operate the same way. Between cloud, disk, and tape backups, there are distinctly different methods for securing data, with varying reliabilities and costs. Ultimately, the difference comes down to company need and how much it is willing to spend, but by ensuring that the service provider is qualified to handle the type of data the client produces and is aware of the client’s needs, a company should be successful with its backup  and recovery solution.

Some businesses, especially smaller ones, think that since they’ve never experienced data loss in the past, it’s unlikely they will in the future either. Again, this is a dangerous mindset that could have grave consequences.

“Looks can be deceiving. If your business has never experienced significant network down-time or a data loss, there may be a misconception that a proactive data loss plan is not needed,” the report stated.

The news source noted that, while there are many misconceptions regarding data recovery, they can be cleared up with basic communication. Not all solutions are the same, and not all companies provide the same solutions. By analyzing the business’ needs and finding a company that can match them, IT decision-makers can, however, be successful when it comes to disaster recovery.