No excuse for failing to back up data

No excuse for failing to back up data

April 16

Data backup and recovery software is something that all companies should deploy in order to protect their mission-critical information. However, many may not realize this until it is too late, according to a recent Digital Trends report.

That’s why, contributor Louie Herr wrote, companies with robust backup and DR programs tend to be those with first-hand experience.

“People with good backup habits are often the same people who have been burned in the past by data loss. ‘Never again,’ they say,” Herr wrote. “They realize that the pain and heartache of personal files lost forever far outweighs the savings from avoiding proper backups.”

He added that one can never lose sight of how important his or her data may be – and that goes double for IT decision-makers. Lost data and network downtime are two events that all organizations must strive to avoid, and a well-rounded disaster recovery preparedness program can make that happen.

There are simply too many threats to enterprise data to ignore, experts agree. Something as simple as an employee pressing the wrong button on his or her computer can lead to data loss that will impact the entire organization.