Nintendo adds data recovery to next generation of consoles

Nintendo adds data recovery to next generation of consoles

July 12

Despite offering innovative gaming design and some of the most popular titles for decades, Nintendo has been criticized for its lack of planning when it comes to helping gamers recovery lost data.

According to SlashGear, Microsoft and Sony’s online networks and account management systems make it easy for gamers to recover apps, downloaded games, and other data if their consoles and handheld devices are stolen. However, Nintendo’s lack of an online account system made this difficult for its last console, the Wii.

With Nintendo’s next-generation console, the Wii U, the company has announced the inclusion of a unified account system, which will allow for data backup and recovery if the owner’s system is stolen or crashes. This is a major step for the company, which pioneered home entertainment with its Nintendo Entertainment System and household names like Super Mario and Zelda.

Recovering data after a system crash or other disaster is important in every industry, not just console gaming, and businesses especially need data backup software that will help restore their files should a machine or entire network go down unexpectedly.