New survey explores user opinions of online storage

New survey explores user opinions of online storage

June 28

A recent survey of the attendees at the Cloud Computing Expo in New York City revealed varying opinions on cloud-based storage and backup solutions. About 72 percent of respondents said they can recover data backed up to online storage within 24 hours, and over one-third stated that they value the cloud for disaster recovery, as it provides easier access to data and is more affordable than hardware solutions.

While cloud-based services were the most popular server backup solutions, it was primarily small and large business decision-makers that said they have adopted the cloud, with medium-sized organizations still utilizing other services. Both smaller and larger companies utilize the cloud for various reasons. Many big business respondents are focused on improving access for a dispersed workforce, while smaller organizations turn to the cloud for its low costs.

Seventy-three percent of businesses overall revealed that they have already adopted some form of cloud computing for online backup and other reasons, with 38 percent having utilized the cloud for three or more years. Non-cloud users reported varying success with their data backup solutions, with 62 percent stating that they can recover their files within 24 hours of loss, and one in eight reporting that it would take them over a week to do so.

Ultimately, data protection is a key focus for any business, but the approach seems to be drifting more toward the cloud every day. By being prepared for a disaster, a business is ensuring that it not only can recover its data, but do it quickly, reliably, and in a cost-effective manner – three benefits that the cloud provides.