New survey on data security outlines loss risk assessment

New survey on data security outlines loss risk assessment

June 7

A new study by IDG Connect examines data loss and how businesses can better secure their information. Disaster recovery is a vital aspect of running a business, and knowing what the dangers to data storage are and how to address them is just as important as other operations, like customer service and marketing.

According to the survey, 57 percent of businesses are not fully satisfied with their security, and 37 percent admitted that they have no real data backup software or protection against unauthorized access to company data in place. Additionally, 30 percent of respondents stated that they would be unable to completely recover data if there was an incident such as power loss or a natural disaster.

About 10 percent of respondents are employing cloud-based solutions for their online backup needs, while others are exploring server backup solutions (32 percent) or external backup hard drives (9 percent). While these are all valid solutions for disaster recovery needs, many companies will benefit by combining them for redundancy and added protection from theft, loss, and other IT issues.