New Partner Marketing Toolkit, How-to Guide and FAQ Document

New Partner Marketing Toolkit, How-to Guide and FAQ Document

August 22

A couple of weeks ago I blogged about a new marketing campaign we launched August 3rd entitled Be a Hero. In my opinion, it is groundbreaking because it recognizes partners for who you really are–heroes who are on the front lines helping your clients prevent, and if need be, recover from a data disaster that could devastate a small business. In a way, we’re trying to say thank you.

You Need the Right Tools to be Successful                 

In the ads, we talk about giving you the software tools you need to provide your clients with a complete, end-to-end disaster recovery solution. That’s nothing new, but this campaign does offer something new and yes, even groundbreaking, because we are also providing you with FREE marketing tools that will help you promote your services to your clients and future clients. We call it the Partner Marketing Toolkit and it is located on the Partner Marketing Portal of the StorageCraft web site. If you are an existing StorageCraft partner, just login to the portal, go to the Marketing tab and then click on Marketing Toolkit and you can download FREE customizable templates for flyers, emails, web ads and even a 17-page pamphlet. If you are still thinking about becoming a partner, click here to download a sample kit to see how you like it.

New Partner Marketing Toolkit How-to Guide and FAQ Document

To help you get the maximum benefit from the Partner Marketing Toolkit, (and this is really why I’m writing this blog), we have also prepared a brief guide that walks you through the process of customizing the individual pieces of the toolkit so you can use them effectively. We have also prepared a Partner Marketing Toolkit FAQ document that you might find helpful as well.

I Want to Hear from You

I hope you’ll give these items a try, but more importantly, I hope to hear from you about what works, what doesn’t work and how we can make these tools even better.

Best wishes.