New business continuity standard gives organizations an advantage

New business continuity standard gives organizations an advantage

August 27

With the introduction of ISO/IEC 22301 in May to replace the old business continuity standard, companies can now gain a clear advantage in their disaster recovery planning. Receiving certification may not have a clear benefit to some, but according to Alan Calder, CEO of IT Governance, it can help companies better understand how their businesses will function and survive after a crisis.

“Our experience with management standards shows that it takes a while for organizations to realize the business benefits of certification,” Calder said. “Those ones who understand them sooner than others will get ahead of the game and reap the benefits while the competition will be left behind.”

The first step in acquiring business continuity certification is the examine the requirements for compliance with ISO/IEC 22301. Then, implement a solution that matches both these standards and the business’ unique operational needs. By investing in a high-quality backup and recovery software solution, a company should be able to achieve both of these goals.

Ensuring compliance with ISO/IEC 22301 will not only help a business determine its chances of surviving a natural disaster, but help it surpass competitors and gain a clear advantage in the market. With a reliable, certified business continuity strategy, a company will be able to attract more clients with a promise of survivability and reliability that its competitors won’t be able to offer.

With high-quality data backup software and a thorough disaster recovery plan, any business will be prepared for the worst and everyday potential problems, and be able to overcome both with ease. Investing in business continuity is an investment in the future, and a financial decision that every company has to make.