New backup and recovery software needed for big data

New backup and recovery software needed for big data

April 9

The rise of big data is one of the most significant trends facing the enterprise sector today. Companies are producing more information than ever before, and are struggling with how to store, manage, and protect overflowing databases. According to eChannel Partners, new solutions are needed to meet the challenges of big data.

“The issue lies in the reliance on conventional IT systems and technologies to manage big data, which is unconventional in nature. One IT function faced with this dichotomy is data protection, still commonly referred to as backup and recovery,” a recent report from the news provider stated.

One solution to the big data problem could be hosted backup and recovery software. When data protection is run through the cloud, organizations don’t need to worry about the storage space needed to properly back up information contained in big data sets.

The scalability of hosted technology means it can handle however much information a company throws at it.

In fact, experts agree that scalability is among the cloud’s most significant benefits. Unlike traditional technology, no additional on-premise hardware or software is needed when expanding a solution.