It’s National Day of Action– Are You Prepared for Disaster?

It’s National Day of Action– Are You Prepared for Disaster?

April 30

Today, April 30th, is FEMA’s National Day of Action, or PrepareAthon, which means it’s time to prepare for whatever disasters can come our way.

According to FEMA’s site, the National Day of Action is a community-based campaign designed to increase emergency preparedness and resilience against various natural threats like tornados, hurricanes, fires, and floods. Although FEMA’s site says there are currently over five million participants for National Day of Action, most people don’t seem to have disaster preparedness on their minds. In fact, according to a FEMA report, when it comes to people and disaster preparedness, 46 percent aren’t actively thinking about preparedness, while a mere 14 percent are.

To help educate some of those that aren’t actively thinking about preparedness, there are a number of events around the National Day of Action, many of which are listed on the site. Using the event tool you can add your own events to the calendar, find an event in your area, or just browse through all of the other events that are happening so you can engage in community events near you.

If you don’t want to be caught off guard, it’s wise to take this time to put together the various plans you need to stay on top emergencies that might come your way—in both your personal life and in business. If you’re planning on getting a serious plan into action, you might be interested in plan outlines for threats you might face in your specific area. The hazards most common in spring are wildfires, hurricanes, tornados, and floods, so be sure to look at what you can expect from these hazards and prepare.

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Happy planning!