MSPs: 4 Reasons To Become a StorageCraft Partner

MSPs: 4 Reasons To Become a StorageCraft Partner

April 4

In case you didn’t know, StorageCraft’s Profit-Ability Partner Program is a great deal for MSPs. The barriers to joining are minimal. Fred Trovato, senior director of North American channel sales at StorageCraft,  says that there is no fee to become a StorageCraft MSP partner, and multiple incentives. 

The benefits accrue the more StorageCraft devices you activate and have under management. Need a better idea of what those benefits are? Here are four incentives for you to consider.

1. The cost per MSP license (CPL) drops the more licenses you activate.

The price of a single ShadowProtect MSP physical server license is very low and if you activate additional licenses your cost per license will decrease across the board.  For instance, if you have 20 active licenses, your price per server decreases quite a bit per month. At higher quantities the CPL can be cut in thirds. The MSP portal makes it easy to manage all of your licenses.  You can conveniently activate and deactivate licenses as needed within the portal.

“If you charge a flat rate per device for managed services, you can increase your margins as you add more licenses.  There are no quota requirements for the amount of licenses you must activate.” Trovato says.

2. StorageCraft provides a great eLearning program that also includes 24/7 emergency support for registered users.

StorageCraft recommends that partners sign up and have their technical staff certify in the Academy Program. For a low monthly cost, users have access to a variety of self-paced training modules that will help them learn what they need to better support their customers.  The Academy online training is a precursor to the instructor lead hands on training classes offered across the country.  With the knowledge partners’ gain from the training offered, they can better troubleshoot issues so that when they do need to contact StorageCraft’s support, they can quickly resolve any issues they run into.

According to Trovato, StorageCraft certified partners are better prepared to troubleshoot and resolve issues quickly.

3. You get marketing development funds (MDF) to help grow your customer base.

StorageCraft offers marketing development funds to their top tier partners.  The Channel Account team assigned to partners can help partners develop their go to market strategy and help them grow their business.

4. The benefits of partnership increase the more sales you make.

Partners that generate a certain amount of revenue in a quarter (talk to your sales manager for more info) also qualify for StorageCraft’s ShadowProtect IT Edition. This great standalone tool enables them to manage devices, backup an unlimited number of Windows server or desktop machines, and perform hardware independent restores of backup images to dissimilar physical or virtual machines for their clients.

StorageCraft rewards its top-tier partners with Not for Resale licenses, an IT Edition and marketing development funds to help them grow their business.  An assigned sales team assists them in their efforts. So fill out this online form and talk to StorageCraft directly about how a partnership will benefit you!