The MSP Model and Why It Makes Sense Today Part 3: DR as a Cornerstone for an MSP Business

The MSP Model and Why It Makes Sense Today Part 3: DR as a Cornerstone for an MSP Business

October 30

This blog post is part three of a four-part series. Read the first and second blog posts, if you haven’t already, and watch for the last blog post here on the StorageCraft Recovery Zone soon.

I am fortunate in my position here at StorageCraft to personally meet so many of our partners.  I am often struck by the strong affinity our partners have for our end to end solution.  One example that comes to mind is a partner that recently grabbed me by the shoulders at an event while exclaiming, “Do you know how successful I am because of your solution?” Being in the business of revenue generation all my life, this statement caught my attention.  Curious just how this partner was profiting from our solution, I happily dug a little deeper into his business model.

While revenue and profit numbers were not part of our discussion (all though they seemed to fuel our shared enthusiasm), the partner delightfully explained to me that he approaches all of his potential clients with a disaster recovery options based on the StorageCraft end-to-end solution.  Around the disaster recovery offering he wrapped other services such as hardware management, software support, and network administration.  If his potential clients are not interested in the cornerstone disaster recovery solution then he walks away knowing that the other services are not sufficient to maintain uptime without a disaster recovery solution in place. Without the StorageCraft solution in place for potential disasters, this Managed Service Provider (MSP) won’t risk uptime on other areas of managed services.  He simply moves on to another potential client that is just as concerned as he is about disaster recovery and uptime.  And this partner has found a wonderful set of clients to work with using this philosophy.  So many, his profitability is up to his satisfaction level and maybe even beyond.

Profitability will be discussed further in the next and final installment of this four-part series.  In it we’ll look at how profitability can extend beyond monthly service fees and predictable revenue streams.