The MSP Model and Why It Makes Sense Today Part 4: Staying Profitable as an MSP

The MSP Model and Why It Makes Sense Today Part 4: Staying Profitable as an MSP

November 4

This blog post is the final post in a four-part series. Be sure to read the first, second, and third articles in this series.

Using a Managed Service Provider (MSP) model as the backbone of your business you’ll have predictable revenue streams but not predictable costs. But, maintenance initiatives and becoming a trusted business adviser can help remedy the possibility of unknown costs arising.

With intimate knowledge of a clients’ operating environment afforded through the provision of managed services, providers can foresee problems ahead of time and deal with the issues before they become critical.  Instead of a client allowing an issue to grow into a crisis through lack of understanding, a knowledgeable provider can alert the client of potentially damaging consequences and recommend ways to remedy issues before they arise and impact uptime. At a minimum, an MSP has familiarity with the devices and environment and this helps drive quicker solutions and limits project time. Plus, an MSP can implement improvements and safety measures over time to mitigate future risks.

Additionally, with the StorageCraft Recover-Ability solution in place, providers can provide quarterly verifications of uptime.  Using our testing functionality, MSPs can, on a regular basis, showcase to clients the manner in which a server or workstation can be virtualized and then recovered to new hardware quickly and easily.  MSPs will find a clients’ trust in you grows over time with these regular demonstrations.

After all, trust comes from meeting and exceeding customer expectations.  Showcasing reliability and delighting clients with each and every interaction builds trust over time and increased trust will help position the MSP as a dependable business advisor.