MSPs: Here’s the Best Advice We Had for You in 2014

MSPs: Here’s the Best Advice We Had for You in 2014

December 31

We’ve put together a lot of advice for MSPs and as 2015 draws near, it’s a great time to think about how your MSP business can be even more successful next year. With the New Year in mind, we’d like to take a look back at our year in articles and highlight some of our favorite pieces we’ve published on the Recovery Zone this year.

Your Special Sauce: How MSPs Win Business with Something Different

Traveling back to January of 2014, this post is inspired by the Nickelodeon film Good Burger and discusses one simple thing MSPs should think about in order to stand out as a provider in the increasingly cutthroat IT industry.

Five Traits that Give MSPs a Competitive Edge

While “special sauce” might be a sprinkle of innovation that makes you stand out, there are a few other traits that can really push an MSP business to the next level. This article goes over a few you may not have considered.

MSPs and HIPAA Compliance

Guy Baroan, founder and president of managed service company Baroan Technologies, has a detailed discussion with StorageCraft about what MSPs should know about HIPAA and what they need to do to help clients that are affected by it.

The MSP Guide to Unbreakable Client Relationships

Loyal clients are what every business wants. This post goes over three things that help you create iron-clad, longstanding relationships with your clients.

MPS: Do You Know What Your Customers Want? Here’s How to Ask Them

A lot of businesses forget that finding out about their clients is as simple as asking them. The tricky thing is you won’t always get the most honest answer from one-on-one conversations. Instead, here are some tips on sending surveys to your clients so you can get the real dirt on their wants, needs, and opinions.

MSPs: Are You Ready to Say Goodbye to Break-Fix?

The dream of managed services involves recurring revenue and predictable outcomes. MSPs who still do break-fix might find themselves throwing away time and money.

How Choosing the Right Products and Services Can Help MSPs Make a Buck

Guy Baroan has been an MSP for quite some time and he’s learned all the best tricks for selecting the right products and services to offer his clients so that his business maximizes profitability. Here, he discusses those tricks in a detailed interview with StorageCraft.

Your Sales Pitch is Bad and You Should Feel Bad

Backup and disaster recovery are some of the most profitable things an MSP can offer, but some of them have trouble making the case. This post helps MSPs understand how to position backup and disaster recovery in a way that clients see the true value.

MSPs: It’s Time to Fire Some Clients

Sometimes relationships just don’t work out. It’s tough to let clients go, but you can’t sacrifice the ability to effectively grow your business because a few problem clients drag you down. This post is designed to help MSPs think about which clients they should keep around, which they shouldn’t, and why.

Success in 2015

It’s nearly a fresh year and there’s nothing but opportunity for MSPs that are ready for action. Keep the Recovery Zone bookmarked (or sign up for our newsletter to the right) for even more articles about growing your MSP business, the IT industry in general, and all the latest from the backup and disaster recovery industry.

Have a Happy New Year!

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