Moving On After Hurricane Sandy

Moving On After Hurricane Sandy

November 16

Many businesses are still struggling to cope with the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, but even more have started the healing process and begun to move on. How to do this may elude some, however, and as such true disaster recovery becomes more complicated.

While business continuity revolves around the ability to protect assets and recover swiftly following a disaster, it also involves a business’s ability to move on in a long-term sense. According to The Daily Transcript, this means analyzing the effects that downtime will have on not only normal operations for the company, but its long-term goals and plans as well. Companies will also have to consider how much data is “acceptable” to lose. All of these factors measure into the data backup software that the business will need to protect itself adequately.

To ensure success and maintain at least minimal levels of comfort after the disaster, a business will need to schedule regular backups that guarantee as little data is lost as possible if systems go down, and invest in recovery solutions that get them up and running in the shortest amount of time possible. Only in this way can a company properly prepare and be ready to move on after a disaster.