More than half of IT execs believe in the cloud’s security benefits

More than half of IT execs believe in the cloud’s security benefits

May 11

Some companies are hesitant to adopt cloud computing for fear that the use of hosted environments may make mission-critical data and applications more vulnerable to security breaches. However, such sentiment has been overblown. The cloud is actually a safe technology and, in many cases, enhances a firm’s protection.

A recent survey conducted by NetIQ and IDG Connect found that more than half of IT executives believe cloud computing improves their companies’ data security. Some challenges remain, especially in terms of employee training. Only 46 percent of organizations train end users in how to secure information stored in the cloud.

The survey also found that 42 percent of respondents said they are not confident that their companies are in compliance with regulations regarding data located in the cloud. Nearly half of participants reported, however, they are very much convinced that mobile devices that access cloud solutions are managed effectively.

“These survey findings demonstrate that IT executives are feeling more confident in the execution of their cloud security strategies and programs,” said Geoff Webb, solution strategy director at NetIQ. “However, this confidence may be at odds with the concerns security teams have while addressing an ever-increasing number of threats to corporate information.”

One of the most attractive benefits of cloud computing is its affordability. Businesses that have resisted adopting the cloud up to this point will be happy to know that the technology does not require an upfront capital investment. Instead, the solution allows firms to pay for the services they actually consume, helping to keep overall costs in line with their budgets.

Another clear indication that cloud computing is not as harmful to data security as some organizations believe is that the technology is perhaps the most effective option for disaster recovery. Firms that have experienced prolonged periods of downtime due to damaged or destroyed on-site backups can now ensure access to critical resources by using the cloud. Since the solution is accessible through the internet, employees can always remain productive.

Executives who are still wary of implementing cloud-based environments can shore up security by using security programs aimed at keeping data safe, according to Webb. These tools keep tabs on who is accessing information stored in the cloud and what measures should be implemented to keep cloud deployments safe from potential vulnerabilities.

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