More small businesses will gravitate toward cloud backup this year

More small businesses will gravitate toward cloud backup this year

February 5

More small businesses are expected to adopt technologies like cloud backup in 2013 to protect and store their most important data and applications. SmallBusinessComputing.com recently reported that these firms must identify helpful solutions to ensure their future success, even more so than large enterprises.

Margaret Dawson, vice president of product management at a data protection vendor, said she has had experience owning a small business and knows managing IT departments and keeping data safe can be exhausting, according to the news source. Small businesses also must ensure their mission-critical information is protected because it is likely that someone is taking corporate files home with them on a regular basis, Dawson said.

“With research consistently showing that one major data-loss event can mean the end of business operations, 2013 is the year to get control of your data and protect those critical files,” said Dawson, according to SmallBusinessComputing. “To get this done, many businesses will look to IT service providers for a hand with storage and security.”

The news source explained that small businesses can benefit from cloud backup systems because the services are more reliable than on-site solutions and call for a monthly fee opposed to an upfront capital investment.

Small businesses an opportunity for VAR, MSP cloud backup vendors
Business Solutions Magazine recently polled several cloud backup experts to get a sense of how they feel about the shift toward more cloud-based environments. Although some VARs and MSPs believe the cloud will hurt them in the long run, Neal Bradbury, vice president of business development at a service provider, said these companies should not worry.

Bradbury explained to the magazine that many small business owners are still unfamiliar with the benefits of the cloud and how the technology can impact their firms. MSPs can bundle cloud backup and on-site deployments to generate more revenue by serving these organizations.

David Hauser, channel programs director at another online backup vendor, told the magazine that small businesses with three to 100 employees are a perfect opportunity for vendors of backup solutions.

As small businesses address ever-growing data expansion, cloud computing can be the perfect technology to store corporate information. Companies that want to keep their most important files safe and accessible should strongly consider the advantages of hosted environments.