More businesses need to backup data

More businesses need to backup data

October 1

A recent survey by the BBC found that about two-thirds of organizations are lacking in disaster recovery and preparedness, prompting a U.K. IT firm to encourage more companies to improve their business continuity strategies. According to ShropshireLive, businesses simply aren’t protecting themselves from data loss from natural and man-made disasters, as well as other dangers like theft.

“For many firms this would leave them with no way to run their business effectively and therefore we have introduced a highly effective product designed to actually test backup infrastructure,” Nick Dodd, an industry expert, told the news source.

Investing in the right tools for disaster recovery, such as data backup software, allows a business to eliminate many different risks. If a power outage occurs in the middle of the workday, a business will be able to quickly restore its most recent backup, and if a computer or server is stolen, the company doesn’t have to worry about losing all the contents of that machine. No business should be without data protection, so implementing a high-quality solution should be high on any company’s to-do list.