Mobility trends affect cloud storage solutions

Mobility trends affect cloud storage solutions

May 16

Cloud computing and mobility, particularly the bring-your-own-device trend, are growing in popularity in businesses. However, the combination of the two presents new and interesting issues for many companies, especially when it comes to online backup solutions.

A recent study by Heavy Reading forecasts that mobile cloud solutions will consume regular cloud computing in the next few years – citing the availability of mobile devices, mobile broadband improvements, and the proliferation of cloud applications to support this. If mobile cloud replaces the “fixed” cloud, a major change will take place not only for consumers, but for businesses as well. Access devices will evolve, encouraging more professionals to utilize mobile devices to do their job – a trend that is already growing. As a result, businesses will be able to save money by reducing desktop computer use, and even workspace in the office.

Supporting these ideas, Infiniti Research Limited also recently released a new market forecast for mobile cloud computing. The research firm expects this market to grow by 18 percent in North America by 2015. As the market grows, the need for solid cloud-based data backup software will increase as well.

With the mobile cloud growing in importance, it will be necessary for businesses interested in applying these solutions in their daily operations to invest in reliable cloud backup and recovery software as well. Without this safety net, a business could risk losing valuable information, as even the cloud is prone to security and data loss risks. Regardless of whether a business’ computing system processes are based in the cloud, on-premise servers, or new services like the mobile cloud, backup solutions are vital to maintaining steady operations and keeping stress down in the workplace for employees and IT professionals alike.