Mobile Tech Offers Opportunity for IT Service Providers

Mobile Tech Offers Opportunity for IT Service Providers

November 25

IT managed service providers looking to widen their array of offerings need to explore adding mobile technology services to their business. As mobility becomes more important in today’s corporate world, especially when considering access to Cloud-based platforms from anywhere, enterprises and SMBs expect their IT providers to provide these kinds of resources. If an IT services company doesn’t look at expanding its portfolio to meet this need, they can reasonably expect that their competitors will.

BYOD Policies are Changing the Game for Businesses of All Sizes

There is no doubt that the continued liberalization of “Bring your Own Device” (BYOD) policies is playing a significant role in the increased need for mobile technology offerings from managed service providers. The complex array of different smartphones and tablets — especially on the Android platform — creates an opportunity for the smart IT services company to help business clients in their area. It is even possible to partner with the leading vendors in this space, like Apple, Microsoft, and Samsung, in offering mobility solutions to current or potential future clients.

iCorps Director of Technology, Jeffery Lauria, feels there is seismic shift towards mobility already in progress driven by BYOD. “We’re seeing a lot more companies that were very restrictive about technology and devices open up more. Having the latest and greatest technology helps companies attract younger talent. Plus, a lot of companies don’t want to be in the business of purchasing devices for their employees,” said Lauria.

Mobility and the Cloud Driving Growth for Service Providers

Many IT companies feel the mobility is beginning to rival Cloud Computing as an opportunity. The two are definitely related, as businesses continue to leverage the operational efficiencies offered by allowing employees to access their Cloud-based work 24/7 using a mobile device. This is creating the need for managed providers to help businesses implement smart BYOD policies to govern access.

Mobile Device Management (MDM) is one obvious service offering that IT providers are implementing for their clients. Many businesses are embracing mobility without formulating their own MDM policies. This creates an obvious need for managed providers.

The growth in the popularity of the Android platform also drives the move towards BYOD at the business. The open nature of Android raises the risk for malware compared to the relatively secure iOS. This is another area where businesses need help in formulating policies to manage the security of the mobile devices accessing their corporate assets.

Whether its Apple, Android, or even Windows, mobility is now a significant part of the business IT landscape. This creates significant opportunities for IT service providers to grow their client base and get additional work from existing customers. Smart managed service providers need to be far down the path of adding mobile to their collection of service offerings.