Mobile push leads to greater software spending, report says

Mobile push leads to greater software spending, report says

April 15

Companies around the globe are now pushing to prioritize the use of mobile devices among employees. Armed with a smartphone, tablet, or both, the mobile worker can remain a productive force while telecommuting.

In response to the growing mobility trend, many organizations are now investing in mobile solutions that support the needs of this growing segment of the employee population. According to a recent report from Global Industry Analysts, global spending in this area will reach nearly $80 billion by 2017.

“Spiraling sales of smartphones is spawning opportunities for the creation of numerous new software applications ranging from security software to latest mobile apps revolving around device customization, internet connectivity, mobile collaboration, and other mobile computer-related activities,” the report said.

Backup and recovery software is one such application that mobile enterprises will want to explore, experts agree. As more employees access critical enterprise data and store it on their smartphones and tablets, companies will need a safety net that protects the information in the event of an IT disaster or should the device be lost or stolen.