Mobile plays major role in enterprise cloud strategy

Mobile plays major role in enterprise cloud strategy

April 13

The fact that more employees than ever are accessing the enterprise network and data remotely through smartphones and tablets is driving many IT departments to place a higher priority on the deployment of cloud-based solutions, according to the Data Center Journal.

“The notion of modern knowledge workers huddled closely around centralized data processing equipment is anachronistic in part because of the highly dispersed and mobile nature of the workforce,” the report stated. “The cloud enables enterprise mobility by securing the data that travels over the Internet and reducing barriers to full mobile access.”

However, IT departments still must consider the protection of data when allowing mobile access. For example, it’s important for the company to have backup and recovery software in place that can address the needs of mobility.

But a focus on mobile software to support remote workers may already be common among many companies. According to a recent Global Industry Analysts reports, enterprise spending in this area will reach nearly $80 billion by 2017, as the number of devices and apps used by employees is also expected to keep growing.