Mobile device backup key for overall business continuity

Mobile device backup key for overall business continuity

July 30

The proliferation of data, as well as its importance to short- and long-term business operations, means there is much that IT departments must consider for their business continuity strategies and programs. One area that cannot be overlooked is the information produced and stored on employees’ mobile devices, including smartphones and, increasingly, tablets.

Mobile devices have become important business tools during the past several years, as employees are now able to complete work and remain connected at all times regardless of their geographic location. However, they are also highly vulnerable to loss or theft, as well as malware infections brought on by an unapproved or malicious application.

To ensure these devices are not overlooked within business continuity and disaster preparedness programs, a recent InformationWeek report recommended that companies include them in written policies.

When it comes to data backup solutions and their use, organizations will often have accompanying policies. These documents determine everything from which information will be stored and backed up to retention schedules. A well-crafted policy could be the difference in a company recovering lost data quickly and easily following an incident.

For that reason, according to InformationWeek, including mobile devices in such policies will ensure the information produced by them remains available at all times.

Further, companies should include provisions for both corporate-liable and employee-owned devices. As both are now prevalent in the workplace, ensuring that all data produced – no matter the mobile platform or ownership situation of a device – is paramount. InformationWeek noted that companies should outline the responsibilities of both the IT department and the device end user when it comes to backing up mobile data.

Earlier this year, research firm IDC highlighted the fact that widespread use of mobile devices in the workplace is only expected to increase in the coming years. By 2016, the organization’s analysts noted, the global mobile workforce will reach 1.8 billion people.