Migrating Data and OS to New Devices

Migrating Data and OS to New Devices

December 28

It’s almost the New Year and I’m sure that many of you have ideas on where to spend the last of your hardware budget.  With all of the new electronic equipment you plan to purchase, have you thought about how to migrate your data, OS, and applications to the new gear?

StorageCraft ShadowProtect is more than just a backup and disaster recovery software.  It can also be thought of as a data management tool.  For example, with our patented Hardware Independent Restore (HIR) technology it is a simple process to migrate your existing devices between physical devices.  But the technology doesn’t stop there.  It’s just as easy to migrate between physical and virtual devices and back again to physical devices.  Basically you have the ability to mix and match hardware environments while always retaining the integrity of your data, OS and installed applications.

Here’s an example.

Imagine you have just purchased an amazing new machine with processing power to make you drool. Do you share the resources on this device to host several virtual machines or do you dedicate this massive power to running mission critical services?  Whichever choice you make, how do you get your existing systems and data from that tired old appliance onto the new equipment?

Sure, you could go through the back-breaking process of building a new machine from scratch: installing the operating system and then each relevant application.  But this takes time, not to mention you end up decommissioning the legacy machine just when you got it running the way you wanted.  There has to be a better solution, right?

Now imagine that instead of spending your time building a new machine you can simply migrate everything from the old machine over to the new one.  Well, you can!  All you need to do is select a backup point from your ShadowProtect backup chain and restore that backup image directly to the new machine.  It’s that simple.  Your OS will be installed on the new machine with the appropriate hardware drivers.  All of your current applications will be installed with their current configurations.  And your data will be restored exactly as it was on the old system (same files and folders).

You’ve just transformed your StorageCraft ShadowProtect software from a backup and recovery tool into a system migration powerhouse!

How much easier could it be to incorporate all of the new hardware you’re buying into your existing architecture?  Add to this the fact that you can plan these migrations using HeadStart Restore (HSR) and you’ve made your job even that much easier because now you can set the migration to occur next weekend while your existing equipment is still in operation.

This is definitely going to be a great year!