Metaphors for Disaster Recovery

Metaphors for Disaster Recovery

November 21

Great minds think alike. Back in September, our very own Laura Shafer wrote an article comparing business continuity and football. Now, Brendan Cosgrove over at the Kaseya blog has joined the party. Yesterday, he wrote his own take on the disaster recovery/football conjunction. Kaseya is a valued alliance partner, so we must have been on the same wavelength.

It’s actually remarkably easy to find metaphors for disaster and disaster recovery. We live in a world where things fall apart and we are surrounded by things that want to take us down. That dynamic is very much ingrained in every aspect of our lives and it underscores the importance of being ready for anything. Cosgrove definitely supports this point with his five lessons:

  1. Have a Plan for IT Disaster Recovery
  2. Consider the Costs of Disaster
  3. Evaluate the Capacity of Current Assets to Deliver Fast Recovery
  4. Evaluate Capacity of Current Systems to Deliver Comprehensive Restoration
  5. Test and Evaluate Performance of Disaster Recovery Systems

You can read the rest of his article on the Kaseya blog and stay tuned for new disaster recovery metaphors here on the Recovery Zone.