Matt Medeiros, StorageCraft CEO: All Data Is Not Equal

Matt Medeiros, StorageCraft CEO: All Data Is Not Equal

Matt Medeiros, StorageCraft CEO, was available last week in our monthly webinar for a short session of questions and answers. He spoke about the company vision for development, new products and plans to grow the development team. Backup and disaster recovery applications need to distinguish between mission-critical data and other types of data, he said. He hinted that StorageCraft will push to make the recovery process more efficient. The world is creating more and more data, but all data is not equal, he emphasized.

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The Future of Backup & Recovery: All Data is Not Equal

Medeiros added that some of the development that the team undergoes at StorageCraft is somewhat contradictory to industry trends. More and more data is created online, and businesses are advised to back up all data, he adds. In this context, there is a tendency to add data that is not mission-critical to storage. The recovery process needs to become more efficient.

“I fundamentally believe that what StorageCraft can do in the future is help us embrace the idea that all data is not equal. Today typical backup and recovery systems back up the server and back up the entire data farm with very little ability to manage that backup,” he explains, adding that the only options are to back up the entire system or nothing at all.

“What we see in the future is—whether it be image- or file-based—we want to provide you the ability to say that all data is not equal. That mission-critical data requires a different level of backup and recovery. The ability to recover that mission-critical data—not in hours, not in days, but in minutes—is so very important to your ongoing business. Look for far more of our future around ‘not all data is equal’; let’s make sure that our backup and recovery processes are respectful and responsible to that,” said Matt Medeiros at the start of the Q&A session.

StorageCraft CEO Plans: Growth Around Channel Partners

In January, TA Associates announced it would invest over $187m in StorageCraft Technology, to support growth of the company. Matt Medeiros, who joined StorageCraft as Chairman and CEO in connection to the investment, is working to scale company operations. He highlighted that the investment has brought the company a redesigned website that has much more content and clarity and the ability to help partners define products to clients.

“The other thing that has been changing quite substantially is investment in our partner programs. We will live and thrive through our channel partners. We want to make sure that our business is in fact a reflection of your business,” said Medeiros, addressing the StorageCraft partners.

Attributes of a Great Backup & Recovery Vendor

The company leader went on to highlight the benefits of the StorageCraft partnership, as a vendor that provides total cost of ownership and the ability to make money.

“We feel that that’s extremely important, and we can demonstrate just how cost-effective our solutions are in the marketplace. We know that you want things that are easy to install, easy to use for your end customers. Things that you can be very productive behind. That means an elegant management system, more tools, more products that are going to make you far more productive in the way you can help your customers meet their data protection needs,” added the StorageCraft CEO.

Matt highlighted StorageCraft keeps loyal to its partners. Also, that it values their feedback as a stepping stone to the product development process.

“You are an extension of our company. Your eyes and ears are extremely important to not only what we do today, but what we’ll do tomorrow. Our channel is the way that we are going to thrive in this business,” said the StorageCraft CEO.

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StorageCraft Development Plans

Matt Medeiros added that StorageCraft partners can look forward to these new developments:

  • New partner portal
  • New partner program
  • Tools to be more profitable and productive
  • More StorageCraft roadshows
  • Twice as many products
  • A growing, expert development team

“StorageCraft has, without a question, an outstanding base technology” added the StorageCraft CEO, noting it will continue to develop on it.

He highlighted that a substantial investment will be seen on the development front. “By this time next year, we will more than have doubled our development team globally. I’m pleased with the progress we have made toward enhancing our engineering capability. We’re looking for your voice to help us in shaping our future products,” he added, inviting partners to offer feedback on the StorageCraft Recovery Solution.

Watch the webinar to see what else he had to say about the exciting new developments at StorageCraft.

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