Marketing Development With StorageCraft: Get Real Results

Marketing Development With StorageCraft: Get Real Results

March 18

 I told you all about our marketing development funds, what you can do with them, and how to apply in a previous post (remember? Free money!). This time I’d like to share with you the results of the StorageCraft MDF sponsored events we did in 2012. As you’ll see, the graphs show that partners reported a definite increase in revenue following MDF events compared to the baseline (partners who didn’t receive MDF). We’re happy to see our partners having such success with our money.

All jokes aside, it really is great to see our partners increase revenue because we depend on them and strive hard to enable their business development. These events are a useful investment in time and money and also give you a great chance of increasing revenue.

MDF graphs

If you’re interested in applying for MDF from StorageCraft, contact your sales rep. If you’re not sure who your sales rep is, he or she must not be a memorable or interesting individual and will be beaten publicly for his or her impudence when we find out who he or she is. In the meantime, you can contact Aaron.Lee at Aaron is interesting and he wants you to succeed.


Note: we don’t actually beat our employees. We love them dearly.
Photo Credit: FutUndBeidl via Compfight cc