Many reasons to adopt cloud-based disaster recovery, expert says

Many reasons to adopt cloud-based disaster recovery, expert says

April 15

During the past several years, cloud computing technology has been used to modernize and streamline many enterprise IT infrastructures. Disaster recovery is one such area where decision-makers should be prioritizing the use of cloud services, industry expert Michael Feil recently told TechZone360.

“Everybody is worried about the price of disaster recovery,” Feil told the news provider. “But what is the price of a business’ downtime?”

Companies can expect many benefits from leveraging the cloud for disaster recovery practices, he said. Among the areas he noted were cost-savings, the access to robust technology, and the fact that organizations can utilize the cloud to complement their existing DR initiatives.

Taking the approach of combining the cloud with more traditional backup methods, Feil said, a company ensures it is protected against a wide range of data threats.

Data protection and business continuity programs are important for organizations at all times, but especially when network traffic is at its highest. For example, this may be the case during the upcoming Summer Olympics, according to Business Computing World, which means the time is now for companies to prepare.