How Managed IT Systems Help Schools

How Managed IT Systems Help Schools

September 17

Schools are no exception to keeping up with the latest IT trends. The cloud and managed hosting can greatly help a school gain exposure on the web and leave the maintenance up to the professionals. Most school systems don’t have the funds to pay an IT person to keep up with a website, but that’s where managed hosting comes into play. Managed hosting lets the school create a page using free software such as WordPress and host a site that’s managed by the hosting company.

Software Upgrades

If the school wants to host an easy content management system such as WordPress, updates must happen all the time. Updates to both WordPress and any plugins are a daily maintenance procedure that most people don’t have time to do. With managed WordPress hosting, the school can allow the host to update the system. Updating is important not only to keep the latest version of WordPress running, but each update plugs security holes, so the school’s website isn’t hacked.


Security is a major issue for any website. If schools host servers without any kind of management, those servers can fall victim to hackers. In most cases, people don’t even realize they are hacked. If the school chooses managed hosting, all of the security is taken care of by the host. This includes firewall software, antivirus, and monitoring the server for any strange traffic. The host also fixes any hacks, should they occur on the server. Preventative maintenance is also important to avoid being hacked, and the host ensures that any security hotfixes or patches are applied to the managed server.

Expert Help

Managed hosting is generally more expensive than other types of hosting. For this reason, customers such as schools can expect a higher level of support. If the school has any issue with the site, the host generally gives the school’s manager a way to contact them at any time of the day. Support is generally 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Check with the hosting company to confirm what type of support is given for the managed hosting contract.

Overall managed IT services for a school system is a great way to save on IT support costs and still have the around-the-clock support needed to managed a school’s IT systems. Managed support monitors the overall health of the network, so the school’s staff can focus on the business and the students instead of the network.

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