Making sense of IT storage and backups

Making sense of IT storage and backups

August 6

With an expanse of new technology, some IT managers are becoming overwhelmed by all of the opportunities available to them. From virtualization to the cloud, data storage and disaster recovery solutions are becoming more complex. However, with the proper approach and examination, the various options can be easily sorted through, allowing decision-makers to pick the best data backup software and solutions for the business without confusion or mistakes.

According to TechTarget, this may be the busiest time in data storage in the past 50 years. Regardless of emerging technology, a business has to have backup and recovery software in place, or risk running into business continuity problems.

In order to implement the most effective solution possible, be it online backup or solid-state hard drives, a business has to examine its data needs based on growth, utilization, and access. For a small business with one office, a cloud solution may not be necessary, but for a company with numerous remote employees, the cloud provides access at any time, in any place.

Avoiding confusion and still taking advantage of the latest technology will help a business remain competitive and even gain an edge in its field. By learning what solutions will best meet business needs, IT professionals can implement new tech now, rather than falling behind in the near future.