Make client relationships last through regular recovery demonstrations

Make client relationships last through regular recovery demonstrations

August 26

In a recent MSP Mentor article, Jessica Davis smartly recommended that MSPs show clients just how easy it is to recover a down server through regular demonstrations.  We at StorageCraft couldn’t agree more.  As everyone knows, a backup is only worth its ability to recover, so here at StorageCraft we focus heavily on the recovery.  Why not showcase those recoveries as a way to drive client affinity for your services?

Because of our dedication to reliable recoveries, users of the StorageCraft Recover-Ability solution have many different options at their disposal at any time.  Users can spin-up a downed server by easily using StorageCraft VirtualBoot technology to quickly create a virtual machine (VM) from any recovery point in the local backup chain.  They can also pre-stage a VM in advance using patented StorageCraft HeadStart Restore technology. This option ensures that a VM is ready within minutes after a system goes down.  We also recommend that users regularly test and demonstrate a hardware restore, even to dissimilar hardware using StorageCraft Hardware Independent Restore.  Demonstrating these recovery options to clients can prove to be a powerful selling and loyalty tool.  As in Davis’ article, even showing how email can be brought online quickly is a great place to start.

Davis’ recommendation can provide a profitable touch point for MSPs also. Demonstrating recovery options to clients quarterly can be a billable instance and will surely drive client devotion over time.

And remember, demonstrations are not limited to the recoveries you can complete using local copies of backup images. Users of the StorageCraft Recover-Ability solution can also showcase recoveries using images in their private cloud or in StorageCraft Cloud Services. Full virtualization of an offsite backup image or even a simple file recovery can be quite impressive for a client that wants to learn the value of ‘the cloud’ for their operations.

If you haven’t tried the StorageCraft Recover-Ability solution yourself, now is a great time. With our evaluation and trial programs, plus our current StorageCraft Cloud Services MSP promotion, there’s never been a better time to see for yourself how easy it is to recover with our tools at your fingertips.

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