Little Things a Hero Does

Little Things a Hero Does

August 27

In many ways, little things can be far more important than even the most catastrophic disaster. Small things like a phone call, a wink, or smile can determine what a client or colleague thinks of you. Taking the time to color-code a spreadsheet can save heaps of hassle later on.

Small acts can be as heroic as large ones; a real hero doesn’t always save the world. A real hero might help an elderly woman cross the street or remove that wide-eyed and frightened kitten from a tree. He calls his mother, and goes fishing with his dad. Heroes may come in all forms and sorts but regardless of size, the smallest action is often the most heroic.

When thinking of a company’s backup and disaster recovery plan, the hero will be the one who takes care of the little things before they become big things. Little things like continuous incremental backups can keep files safe from little accidents like the negligent deletion of a big client’s file.

Something so small as taking a moment to verify that backup images are free of villainous corruption can ensure that a virtual world is kept spinning. Having taken a little bit of time to plan and rehearse, a hero is ready to protect business from little as well as big things. Most of the small things a hero does are not seen, nor heard, but are essential to keeping your digital world functioning day to day, even in the face of disasters, or a nemesis’s diabolical plotting.

Who’s the hero? You. And we love heroes.

  1. Laura Shafer on

    So true. When I’m having a bad day, the person who smiles at me at the checkout counter, or the IT administrator who recovers that file I accidentally deleted are more than heroes to me. They’re practically life savers, in a figurative sense — if not a literal one.