Learn to exploit virtualization to improve business continuity

Learn to exploit virtualization to improve business continuity

August 7

The importance of disaster recovery and business continuity cannot be stressed often or strongly enough. For every business, a lack of data backup software can lead to lost time and revenues, or even the full failure of the business.

When a company begins to explore its various options it has to look into technological solutions. From the cloud to virtualization, these systems work differently and affect operations in varying ways. If a business has already adopted cloud storage, it is easy to slip online backup into the equation as well. However, for businesses utilizing server or desktop virtualization this can get trickier. Luckily, there is a straightforward way to exploit this technology to improve overall continuity strategies.

When implementing disaster recovery software on a virtual system, a business can simplify the process by creating images of machines and storing those. Rather than storing vast amounts of data, sifting through it during the recovery process, and worrying about deduplication, the company can save the image, overwrite the old one, and ensure that everything is stored safely should a disaster occur.
The first step in utilizing virtualization in this way to improve disaster recovery is to access business-critical operations and create backups by priority. From email to internal marketing applications, different resources are utilized by different departments at different levels of importance. Sales wouldn’t need to come back online before IT and production, but might take priority over email capabilities, according to the news source.

Overall, deploying virtualization as part of data backup software allows a business to make the process a little less stressful and lot more efficient. By investing in better technology, and company can improve its chances of surviving an IT disaster, and potentially increase productivity and benefit operations in other ways as well.