Learn to backup data in diverse environments

Learn to backup data in diverse environments

August 9

No business wants to be without reliable data backup software. However, diverse work environments and other issues can make adoption a struggle for some. Few businesses have data center infrastructure that is uniform and simplistic, according to ITBusinessEdge.

When dealing with the heterogeneous nature of business systems, backup and recovery software has to be able to keep up with the uncoordinated components and mix of technology that is deployed. A company may have a selection of servers dating from the early ’90s to today with a wide variety of devices and software in use by employees, but it all has to fall into the same disaster recovery solution.

Modern trends like bring-your-own-device and mobility do not help matters either, not only bringing varying devices, but multiple operating systems, from iOS to Chrome OS, as well. Allowing the use of these devices bolsters employee productivity and job satisfaction, but complicates data backups even further.

Overcoming these challenges is not impossible, but it requires attention and careful planning. According to the news source, heterogeneous work environments spawn from the need for improved performance and flexibility, and business continuity strategies should match those desires.