Learn DR basics before it’s too late

Learn DR basics before it’s too late

August 21

Disaster recovery isn’t quite as easy as implementing data backup software and calling it a day. A business needs to ensure its data and infrastructure are safe, while training employees to react in ways that optimize business continuity. For any company, this means implementing a plan and sticking to it. However, any disaster recovery solution starts with the proper software to protect data.

According to a publication by VMware, it is important that a business has the proper tools to cope with a disaster. Whether utilizing the cloud or backup and recovery software, a company has to invest in its infrastructure in order to maximize its disaster recovery solutions. Virtualization and fallback systems can help speed up recovery and minimize downtime.

However, a company also has to invest in a solution that goes along with its normal operations. A small business may not need to invest in the cloud, so a backup hard drive system is all it needs to protect its data from a crisis. However, a business operating in a virtual environment and the cloud will need to invest in a very different kind of disaster recovery software.

No matter what system a business implements for its DR needs, if it is integrated with normal work processes and allows the company to only be “offline” for as long as it takes to reboot and restore data, it will be a success. It is up to the business’ decision-makers to invest in a high-quality, modern DR solution, but it is the responsibility of all employees to ensure that it works efficiently when the time comes.