Leap3 Thinks Outside the Box to Defeat Dharma Ransomware

Leap3 Thinks Outside the Box to Defeat Dharma Ransomware

Even in light of recent worldwide ransomware attacks, it’s common to meet someone who thinks they are safe if they just ‘move things to the cloud’. So how does this happen? A myriad of cloud solutions exist today to make our work life easier. And users are confusing them for reliable backup and recovery systems. The myth of the cloud backup and a Dharma ransomware encryption spelled disaster for one architect’s business. Read our case study below to find out how he recovered!

Why Cloud File Sharing Is Not a Backup

Cloud technology has fundamentally changed the way we work. There are numerous options for sharing files with your co-workers, viewing and editing in real time. However, anyone working with a cloud application will tell you it’s easy to lose data with one click. And it’s difficult to recover files once they are gone.

Ransomware infections will not spare any of your files, and this includes files stored in your little portion of the cloud. The keys for Dharma ransomware have been released this spring, so this particular strain of ransomware is no longer a pervasive threat. However, criminals are always out producing new ransomware strains – so it’s a good idea to be prepared.

Recovery From Dharma Ransomware

Our story below shows how Ray Wordsman, CTO of Leap3 Business Solutions, saved one of his clients from disaster. The client, a one-man-band architect, had been saving his files into the Dropbox local folder. He simply did not see the need for a professional backup solution – so Ray had to think out of the box on this one. After nine months of trying to convince him to use a backup and recovery solution, the inevitable happened – Dharma ransomware encrypted all of his client’s files.

Read on to see how Ray managed to save the day with a little StorageCraft magic…