Latency kills competitiveness, especially in disaster recovery

Latency kills competitiveness, especially in disaster recovery

August 9

When it comes to being competitive, speed is a key component for every business. Working quickly, bringing products to market swiftly, and satisfying customers efficiently are all requirements of being successful. This point isn’t altered when it comes to disaster recovery.

According to ITworld, latency is the silent killer of competitiveness. Any lag can bring a business to its knees, and this is never truer than in data recovery. When data loss occurs, either because of a natural disaster, power outage, or human error, minimizing downtime and getting systems up and running is a No. 1 priority. In order to accomplish this, a company needs reliable backup and recovery software.

Subpar disaster recovery software may still allow a business to return to operations, but the thing that increases the quality of any solution is speed. By making recovery faster without sacrificing reliability or cost, high-quality data backup software sharpens that competitive edge that every business looks for, and allows businesses to remain competitive even when disaster strikes.