(Not) kidding around about backup and disaster recovery

(Not) kidding around about backup and disaster recovery

August 15

I’m looking forward to today.  We’re going to follow in the footsteps of one of America’s largest makers of tomato sauces, Ragu, and add children and humor to a subject that admittedly can be very dry—backup and disaster recovery.

RAGU pasta sauce is adopting an innovative and funnier marketing approach with a campaign that notes a new direction for its owner, Unilever Foods, to create less utilitarian, and more playful, advertising for its food products.

“We are trying to use humor as a way to create emotional attachment,” said Mike Dwyer, Unilever’s United States foods director, explaining Ragu’s approach. “We want to have more fun with the family dynamic and draw on the trials and tribulations of childhood.”

The approach, Mr. Dwyer said, is aimed at giving consumers a more emotional experience than simply praising the product’s virtues. The current ads, for example, do not highlight the nutritional value of Ragu. Unilever says that every half-cup of the tomato-based sauce has two servings of vegetables.

“It’s very hard for companies now to offer rationales to differentiate their products,” said Robert Passikoff, founder and president of Brand Keys, a New York brand research firm. “Consumers have gotten real smart about ignoring beauty shots of products, and the brand is better off with a large side of emotion in its ads.”

Not that we want to make light of the seriousness of data loss to a business, but we hope this will be a creative way to approach a subject that all too often is promoted using fear, uncertainty and doubt rather than fun and humor. Look for our new spots on YouTube in the very near future.

  1. Laura Shafer on

    Those new Ragu ads are very amusing and clever. I can’t wait to see the humor-based videos you come up with to promote ShadowProtect. But then, I am a little biased.