Key to business continuity is response

Key to business continuity is response

June 12

For any major business, the key to business continuity and overcoming a crisis is being able to respond to a disaster as it occurs. According to Chris Terzich of Wells Fargo and the Minnesota Information Sharing and Analysis Center, applying this premise to both safety and data disaster recovery can help companies improve their continuation of operations.

In an interview with Emergency Management, Terzich discussed business disaster recovery both in terms of data and personnel safety. He emphasized that both are vital to surviving a crisis, and that the government should not lead the private sector in these matters – but that it should be a community effort.

For employee safety, businesses can rely on emergency management training and teamwork, but for data, they may need outside help. Backup and recovery software solutions can not only help a company retain its information during and after a crisis, but also remove the stress of dealing with it, easing the restoration of the business in both cost and mind. Businesses often have a responsibility to the community and employees to recover as quickly as possible, both to support the neighborhoods they operate in and help the economy. As such, companies need server backup solutions to not only protect their data but ensure reliable recovery of it.

As Terzich said, the key to disaster recovery is swift and effective response. By taking a proactive stance on backing up data, a business can begin on the path to business continuity no matter what crises occur and help consumers and employees during the aftermath as well.