Keeping Up with the Apps

Keeping Up with the Apps

December 12

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With an estimated five million businesses now using Google Apps for Business, Internet giant Google has proven to be a serious contender in the business technology sector.  Google is constantly developing and evolving.  With the introduction of Google Drive earlier in the year, companies now have more versatile storage, collaboration and remote access options. So, how do you keep up with all of the new features and technology?  It is quite a task, however, below are some of the latest Google App features and announcements you may want to consider:

Gmail and Google Drive Integration:  As Google Drive gained momentum, one complaint was the inability to insert files directly from Drive without leaving Gmail.  According to the official update feed from the Google Apps team, as of December 11th, Google Apps and Google Apps for Business, Government and Education users will be able to insert files directly from Drive into Gmail.  And, that’s not even the best part.  Users can attach and send files from Drive up to 10GB in size!

Ability to Create Organizational Structures:  Google Apps now allows users to create organization structures, which gives businesses better control over which applications and services employees can access. You can also configure applications differently for each user.  For instance, a company may choose to restrict sharing of documents outside of the organization for all employees.  Or, they can choose to allow only certain employees to do so.

Third Party Backup Options:  No one can argue that Google takes the utmost care to ensure the security of their data centers.  However, many companies find an additional level of comfort in utilizing a third-party company such as to backup their Google Apps and data.  They can also promptly restore critical data when and if necessary.

 We Knew it was Coming:  Just last week, Google announced that Google Apps for Business will no longer be offered free of charge.  You really cannot blame them, though.  Their virtually seamless, user friendly, easy to integrate service has caught on quickly, going from hundreds to millions of business users worldwide.  There is now only one premium version for businesses, which includes 24/7 phone support, 99.9% uptime guarantee, no scheduled downtime, and a 25 GB inbox.  While there is now a nominal charge ($50.00 per year, per user), existing customers with be grandfathered in free of charge.  Google Apps for Education is still free for schools and universities.

Although keeping up with new features can be a challenge, doing so will keep your company on the cutting edge of all of Google’s new innovations and offerings!