How to Make Your Tradeshow Fun

How to Make Your Tradeshow Fun

In a sea full of booths, how do you make your booth really stand out at an event? After being a part of tradeshows for many years, there are things you catch on to and, we’d like to share some of our wisdom with you. The first thing people see when walking around a tradeshow is your booth (and your salespeople, of course) so you need to be sure it reflects your company, tastefully, as you would expect

Here at StorageCraft, we really try to mix it up and keep our guests guessing. Whether the booth is themed on a specific decade, specific sport or our standard booth set-up, StorageCraft likes to have fun, while still providing quality salesmen/women to promote our product.

You can’t force someone to stop at your booth, but it doesn’t hurt to entice them with tchotchkes and candy! You want your giveaways to stand out and be useful, not be thrown into a bag or onto the floor and forgotten about. For example, pens with your company logo… They are cheap and easy, yet effective (don’t lie, you steals the pens from hotel rooms for keepsake). StorageCraft has all kinds of useful goodies to pass out at each event which means, if you’re reading this and not attending any of these events, you’re missing out.

While passing out all the fun tchotchkes, you want to remember the most important materials, i.e. information to promote your company, the reason you’re at the event. Keep it simple, you don’t want to overwhelm the consumer, you just want to get the point across and impress them.

Make sure you are always engaging the audience or passerby, in this case.  Reach out to those that come to, or show interest in your booth, but don’t inundate them with your sales pitch. Ask them open ended questions that will help you gauge what it is they are looking for and what their precise needs are.

Last but not least, always have business cards to hand out so that they have a way to contact you in the future.

Photo Credit: Courtney Dirks via Compfight cc