The IT Job Market and the Hottest Tech Jobs

The IT Job Market and the Hottest Tech Jobs

May 6

Are we still in a recession? I was never really sure. We live in an economy where athletes can make $20 million in a season without playing a single game – that doesn’t necessarily say things are rough off all over. Still, I read a few articles that paint the picture of an ailing U.S. job market struggling to make it back to the promise land. On the bright side, there is one segment of jobs that appears to be doing just fine.

InfoWorld highlighted that 17,500 IT jobs were created in the first quarter of 2014, with as many as 8,300 generated in March alone. According to the logic here, that’s impressive, but nothing to shout about just yet. In that same report, it’s mentioned that IT job growth will be considered slow until we start seeing 15,000 new jobs created over a consistent month to month basis.

So maybe you shouldn’t be ecstatic enough to jump into a series of backflips. Still, if you’re trying to land a job or have positions to fulfill, that little bit of growth is encouraging. For more inspiriting signs, check out some of the hottest jobs in IT.

IT Manager

If you’re familiar with what they do, you’re not surprised that IT administrators are some of the most highly sought after professionals in the field. Their compensation usually reflects it as they command an annual salary of around $105,000. These guys are quite busy and may be responsible for everything from overseeing internal operations to managing technology solutions for clients.

Software Developer

Just did a post on developers (or coders) and how they build the software, games, websites and other interactive applications we use on a daily basis. The growth of this category benefits tremendously from the emergence of niche areas such as web and mobile development. These software experts command a median salary of roughly $90,000 in a field projected to grow by 22 percent from 2012 through 2022.

Database Administrator

Thanks to the big data phenomenon, people who know their way around a database system, relational or otherwise, are suddenly in demand. Database administrators collect, analyze and manage data as it aligns with the company’s objectives. They command a median salary of $77,000 in a field projected to grow by 15 percent by from 2012 through 2022.

Network Engineer/Analyst

It is not uncommon for these roles to be combined in a single position designed to keep LANs, WANs, intranets, and other networks running smoothly. Engineers generally handle the design, configuration, and implementation of the network, while analysts monitor things like network health and efficiency.  These network specialists command an average salary of about $76,000.

Computer System Analyst

The exact role a computer system analyst assumes will largely depend on the company they work for. In general, they analyze the efficiency of the company’s existing computer systems and focus on improving that efficiency, which may be done by system configurations, integrations, or designing new systems altogether. These IT experts command a median salary of about $74,000 and operate in a field projected to grow by 25 percent from 2012 through 2022.

Who’s Hiring and Where?

You might expect specialists with the aforementioned skills to be the recruitment targets of MSPs, VARs, and other IT service providers. Though you wouldn’t necessarily be wrong, tech skills are in high demand in a number of fields. A national restaurant chain needs a developer to bring their marketing and branding concepts to life. A warehouse needs a system analyst to make sure invoices are printed and products are shipped to the customer. IT touches every aspect of business operations, and all sorts of companies in all sorts of locations are stocking their talent accordingly.

HuffingtonPost has a cool article examining how new tech jobs are being created in poorer areas of the world. MexicoFIRST was introduced as a program that brings local and global technology companies together to provide training for IT pros of the future. This project was expected to create 30,000 high-paying jobs right off the bat. The article also mentioned Samsung’s Electronic Engineering Academy, which was designed to create tech jobs for high school graduates. This program aims to create 10,000 new engineers in Africa by 2015.

Companies all over the world are looking for tech savvy individuals who desire to test the limits of innovation by flexing their creativity. Anyone considering something in IT can literally pick their trade and have at it. The talent pool may be lacking in some areas, but that should change as more hungry people step up to the plate.

Photo Credit: Jason Tester Guerilla via Flickr