ITWeb offers business continuity insights

ITWeb offers business continuity insights

November 20

ITWeb recently held its 2012 Business Continuity Conference, exploring the latest in disaster recovery trends, implementation, and the value of disaster preparedness for a business. However, for companies unable to attend the conference, continuity is still a major point of interest, and learning some of these insights can be valuable not only to protect the business from data loss, but to ensure smooth operations through the end of the year and into 2013.

One vital area of disaster recovery and preparedness is communications. Having the right tools for protecting business continuity also means having the ability to communicate and collaborate even if the power is out or primary systems are offline. With new, cloud-based telecommunications solutions, a company can keep its employees in close contact, even when the office is inaccessible because of disaster.

Having the right tools for data recovery is often the most important part of preparing for a disaster. With data backup software, a business can ensure that its data is safe from loss, but by implementing a solution that closely fits with operation needs, a company can do more than that. Businesses with high-quality solutions will be able to recover quickly, ensure that they are backing up data on a schedule that minimizes loss, and do both without significantly interrupting workflow.

Downtime affects future outlooks
Ultimately, how a business implements disaster recovery software and goes about its recovery efforts will determine its future in a positive or negative way. Companies that are too slow to recover may never fully do so, while those that minimize downtime and are fully operational in a matter of hours or days after a crisis will have much better standing, and be better prepared for the next crisis.