It’s never too late, or too early, to prepare for disaster

It’s never too late, or too early, to prepare for disaster

July 27

Disaster preparedness is a key step of business continuity planning, but many businesses put it off for another day. The idea that “well, a crisis has never happened before” can prove the downfall of any business that doesn’t have the proper tools for disaster recovery in place.

According to Continuity Central, businesses in London are making last-minute efforts to prepare for the worst during the 2012 Olympics, and companies in the rest of the world should learn from their example. Preparation is key when it comes to surviving, and quickly recovering from, a disaster.

By establishing a plan for employees, resources, and data backup software, a business will be able to stand up against any type of crisis. A storm or faulty hardware issue could crash a network, but having reliable backups and employees who know what to do with them can keep hiccups at a minimum.

Whether preparing for any eventuality or performing a last-minute system backup software update before a storm, it is never the wrong time to prepare for an emergency.