IT visibility key to virtualization success

IT visibility key to virtualization success

April 24

The past several years have witnessed many companies embracing virtualization as a means of optimizing the IT resources available to them. But provisioning virtual machines and migrating to such an environment requires a bit of work on the part of the company to secure a positive return on investment, according to SYS-CON Media.

For example, the news provided said the IT department must first gain an end-to-end view of the environment and understand its inner workings.

“Many IT organizations provision new virtual servers without a full and accurate picture of the current state of the IT environment and what the impact of adding a new system will be,” the report noted.

Gaining this visibility is important if the company hopes to protect its virtual environment, whether with disaster recovery tools or other means.

A recent InformationWeek report detailed how small business Hit Promotional Products leveraged virtualization to not only improve IT efficiency, but also to dramatically reduce its disaster recovery times. With the technology, the company cut the time needed to recover from 15 hours down to two.