IT resiliency grows with automated disaster preparedness

IT resiliency grows with automated disaster preparedness

November 3

It may seem like common sense, but many businesses do not realize how important disaster recovery planning is. As a major contributor to IT resiliency, implementing disaster recovery software is a key component of making systems more efficient and minimizing the risk that, if something should go wrong, the business may not recover.

According to Data Center Knowledge, basic backup and recovery software can go a long way toward preparing for a disaster and ensuring that the business can survive a crisis. Most disasters don’t come with an advanced warning, and as such a business needs to constantly be ready to react to one. This is where automation comes in.

With the right data backup software, backups can be automated, removing not only the employee effort required to accomplish data protection, but ensuring that a strict schedule is kept. This latter puts a business on a course of success that ensures that no matter when a disaster occurs, the company knows how far back its backups go, what was lost, and what can be recovered. Ultimately, this knowledge is key to reducing downtime and getting back to operational strength as quickly as possible.