IT migration necessitates stout disaster recovery software

IT migration necessitates stout disaster recovery software

August 30

Migrating IT services requires a shift in thinking, whether the move was out of or back into a company. Even with potential benefits of service delivery or scalability, there are concerns that need to be addressed. According to the Australian, one public sector organization’s response to moving the services back in house was to turn to “robust” disaster recovery software.

Preparing for a disaster often goes beyond simply instituting plans and policies. With the IT architecture back under its roof, the organization knew it had to protect itself in the event of a disaster. If it failed to do so, failure of the core systems could lead to a loss of more than $1 million each day of the outage.

In addition to the software solution, the organization used an external backup system for recovery. As internal systems, such as those for CRM, continue to expand, they are moved into the disaster recovery facility.

Beefing up disaster preparation and recovery can help any organization, whether in the public or private sector. For those that keep IT services in house, that prep work can help provide an extra layer of protection. Those companies that outsource services can gain a greater level of control over their data that they might not have otherwise.